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     When mentioned to tools for home, screwdriver is one of the most useful tools especially for people who love to perform different assembly tasks on their own.

     There are various types of screwdriver in the market. Electric screwdriver is more popular than manual one because it makes work convenient and saves us a lot of time and energy. We are confused to decide which one to choose among a wide variety of electric screwdrivers with different features and price ranges.

     Therefore, we are here to provide you with the brief buying guide to let you choose the suitable screwdriver according to your requirements.


     What are the basic features of screwdriver that you should consider about while purchasing?

     Before buying a tool, you should pay a careful attention to its feature. Some certain features can directly affect the tool’s performance.     We have listed some of them as following for your reference.

  • Power source

   According to the different power source, we divide the screwdriver into two categories, corded screwdriver and cordless screwdriver.

   Corded screwdriver get their power from the main source. Such tools are powerful but not convenient. If you need to reach a difficult place, you may turn to cordless tools for help.

    Cordless screwdriver get their power from battery source. The batteries could be rechargeable or not, coming with various voltages. Most tools contain batteries with around 3V voltages. However, you can also get batteries ranging between 4-7V and even higher

  • Variable Speed

    To be a good electric screwdriver, speed should be adjustable and controllable because we need to work at different types of materials. IFU electric lithium screwdriver adopts high precision carbon brush motor, so the no-load output rotating speed can up to 200r/min. Meticulously tuned motor lifetime is long enough to remove or install at least 30000 precision screws.


  • Torque

     This is another important feature you can't ignore when choosing a screwdriver. The greater the torque, the greater the power. But this does not mean the greater the better. Excessive torque may damage the screw. The electric torque of IFU electric screwdriver can up to 0.2N. m and the manual torque can up to 3 N.m. When the screw is too tight, continue manual rotation in electric mode, self-locking can protect the screw.


  • Spindle Lock

    When you perform low demanding tasks, there is no need to use electric mode. With the help of this feature, you can switch easily between electric mode and manual mode as you like.

  • Handle Design

      If you need to work with a screwdriver for a long time, the comfort of the handle is particularly important. The material of the handle should be soft or rubberized so that you won’t feel tired after long use. It is better to hold the tool for a while before purchasing in order to check your grip on its handle. IFU electric screwdriver adopts pen style holding structure, which is comfortable in use. Cylindrical body and frosted appearance is also attractive. The tool has no edges or corners. No exposed output shaft design makes you safe to use.

  • Built-in Lights

    This feature is indispensable if you need to work late at night or in darkness. IFU electric screwdriver includes 3 LED lights, which can illuminate all corners around the working area.

     Therefore, IFU electric screwdriver is a good choice. Hoping our recommended products of best electric screwdrivers would help you in selecting.


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