Magnetizing A Screwdriver Is A Must

Posted by JackyXia on

Driving screws is a difficult task that sometimes seems to call for a third hand. You need one hand to hold the screw,one to turn the screwdriver,and the third to keep the objects you're fastening aligned. Nobody has three hands,but if your screwdriver could hold the screw,you would easily able to do most jobs with the two you have. This is one reason why professional man use magnetized screwdrivers and driver bits.

A magnetized screwdriver serves other purposes as well. It eliminates the need to hold the screw when you have to drive it in a place that is too tight for your other hand to fit. It can also hold onto screws that you remove from tight places so they don't fall and get lost. Moreover,if the screw or some other small metal objects does happen to fall,you can use the screwdriver to retrieve it.

The base of the IFU screwdriver has a magnetic device. You can choose magnetization or demagnetization to make your work more professional and efficient. Of course it's not the only advantage of IFU,you will find more.


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