How to choose an electric screwdriver

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     Screwdrivers are one of the most commonly used home utility tools and are very important ones too. From fixing large fixtures to small DIY projects, cordless screwdrivers works well everywhere. These have not only it has made many difficult tasks easy but at the same time, it saves a lot of time and energy which otherwise consume a lot of time and energy.

    There are three basic options to choose from when buying an electric, or cordless, screwdriver. Which one will make the best choice for the purchaser depends a great deal on what use the tool will be put to. Within each option is also the question of battery voltage as that will play a large part in how much power the screwdriver has and how long the battery will last.

    The basic groups of cordless tools that function as a screwdriver are the cordless screwdriver, the cordless drill driver and the cordless impact driver. Each has its pros and cons and are best at different tasks. The cordless screwdriver is a good choice for very lightweight work, or perhaps driving screws into threaded holes. The cordless drill driver is probably the most useful power tool in the home, and will drive a variety of screws, but is not designed specifically for that task and it is very easy to strip out a  head screw. The impact driver is absolutely the best choice for driving lots of screws or for driving large screws. It is the most powerful, the batteries last longer and it doesn't strip screws out nearly as badly as the other two choices, but it is also a dedicated tool and not much good for anything else.

  In daily life, are you still annoyed about using normal screwdrivers to fix some tiny components? Can this traditional screwdriver come in handy?In general,the answer is no.

    For small household appliances,especially tiny components, we recommend that you learn about the below product.

     Come and have a look at the IFU electric screwdriver.


    It looks simple,also simple to use.Pen-shaped design is fit for people using habit,which is 18% smaller than whiteboard pen for easy to grip.They are usually lightweight and hence it’s easy to carry them with you anywhere. These prove to be your absolute camping partner.

     Flexibility- Cordless screwdriver is easy to use, unlike the corded ones they can be easily carried from one place to another making it free from limited area access.

    It comes with twenty different kinds of heads that fit various electronic devices, including drones, digital watch,eyeglasses, laptops and cameras.

   The motor drives screwdriver simple operating and labor saving.White body black button makes the product easy to identify.Easy to master the using method.Simulate the 360° shadow-less lighting design of the medical operating table,embed 3 LED light to brighten the working area.

   With soft button touch feel,cozy press strength,having a surprising operation.Li-ion Battery powered,flexible to change spare battery.

   Users can rotate the screwdriver manually or through its built-in electric motor. The electric motor has a high efficiency mode and a safe mode. It allows a screw to rotate at a rate of 100rpm in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. When the screw is fully drilled in, the motor stops automatically and users can manually lock the screw.

   The electric screwdriver weighs only 55g and measures Φ15.6x166mm. On a full charge, the model can work continuously for five to six hours. Charging the product only takes 60 minutes.


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