Real Reviews On IFU Electric Screwdriver MR1

Posted by JackyXia on

★So far so good

I bought the kit for the electric screwdriver, I actually didn't expect much and thought I was buying something I would kill in a few months while I switched back and forth between this and a manual screwdriver. Weirdly enough, after using it for a few projects, I don't see that as the case.

The driver's plenty torquey for its form factor already, It will spin your hand off of the button most of the time before it stalls the motor. On top of that, for my plan of killing it, it seems to have a proper mechanical clutch so the motor/gearset aren't engaged if you use it as a manual screwdriver? I'm not sure if that's the case, but I've been unable to turn the motor while it's off by putting a 4mm allen wrench into it and cranking on it. It also seems to have protective measures in the controls, if you torque-stall the motor it will pulse instead of burning out and time-out; if you switch directions too quickly and there's a time-out that stops it from breaking. It takes a bit of getting used to, but it makes sense to protect it from damage.

I'm REALLY tempted to deduct a star for the tools that came with it. The box and the bits are neatly made, but the accessories were somewhat random versus what's pictured. There were some things missing from the picture, but they added more things as if they were aware of that and wanted to add things to make up for it?

Really I just wanted the driver itself and I have all of the other tools, The screwdriver's amazing and I would highly recommend it, but don't count on the rest of the tool kit to be exactly as pictured.

★A great kit for any DIY electronic enthusiast!

I do a lot of work on electronics, I've always been a tech nerd, but I've always used the cheap precision screwdriver sets, and they've never been cordless. Lately I've had to repair a lot of a particular type of product and it's very hard to do with regular precision screwdrivers. This set comes with a good variety of screwdriver heads, almost for every need one might have, and you can do most of it single handed if need be. This kit also comes with several pry tools for disassembling electronic devices. It's a perfect kit for ant DIY tech geek.

★Highly recommend

Good impression from the beginning. Packaging is really nice. Feels solid when in hand.i love this set. It has every bit I ever needed. Included magnetizer and magnet pad is a nice touch. I can recommend it


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