What You Should Know about Choosing a Cordless Electric Screwdrivers

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      Buying an electric screwdriver isn’t terribly complicated, but for someone who isn’t knowledgeable about power tools, it maybe a daunting task nevertheless. But with a little research and a few helpful tips, you’ll be buying like a pro in no time.

Based on your wanted function

   To buy an electric screwdriver, it must be that you need it, for different use, there are different electric screwdriver to choose from. DIY project, repair and fix some small items, iFu pen-shaped design electric screwdriver is a good choice. But for making some big items, furniture, screws into wood, you may need a big power screwdriver.

Check the Voltage

     Voltage is power, from 3.7V,12V to 36V, even 72V, and you can never have too much of it.  If the electric screwdriver is powered by an external transformer, the higher the supply voltage, the more powerful the screwdriver will be, and the higher the tightening torque will be. High voltage can also help the screwdriver to tighten the screw even more. But for some precision products, like smart phone, cameras, electric toys, don’t need that much big power. 

Battery Life

      If you only ever use a screwdriver at home, battery life is largely inconsequential. For cordless electric screwdrivers, a high voltage allows for a longer battery life and avoids having to recharge the batteries too often. But sometimes you might have the inconvenience of charging your screwdriver more often than you’d like. You’re going to want a screwdriver that can actually last longer.

Basic Design

    Cordless electric screwdrivers come in two basic sizes: in-line and pistol grip. Of these two, pistol grip screwdrivers are by far the more common choice. However, their size and shape sometimes makes it difficult or impossible to reach certain angles. IFu pen-shaped design, it’s not the kind of straight grip or pistol you usually see; compact design, for home use, just looking for a casual screwdriver for home use, probably your best bet.



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