Why iFu electric screwdriver is popular for DIY enthusiast

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    When I was growing up, my dad was DIY enthusiast, he was always fixing things around the house, spending hours around with electronics and other wooden furniture in his workshop. But one thing I remember most was those ‘amusing’ moments when he was trying to insert a screw into a stubborn piece of wood while cursing away, especially when the screwdriver slipped and the screw fell out.

    Until now, we would never hear again of these trouble with the appearance of new product. This is DIY enthusiast of the Gospel.

    So, let us learn about what kind of screwdriver as the following.

    Pen-shaped design, Small and compact which is great for getting into tight spaces, this lightweight, but powerful cordless screwdriver has everything you need for most light DIY projects around your home. Wireless design, power by the rechargeable lithium-ion battery .

    It is powered by 3.7 volt Li-ion battery, its torque could be (Electric) 0.2N.m / (Manual) 3N.m  up to 200 rpms, and the three bright LED lights will illuminate your work area. Magnetic design, the bit is self-contained. It is portable, which can fit snugly into the palm of your hand, can be used for so many different projects around your home. 22 pcs in 1 bit kit for iPhone,iPad,MacBook,laptops,camera,smartphone(Huawei,Samsung,Xiaomi etc).You can quickly tighten and loosen screws to fix or replace battery. There is no need to worry about that annoying electrical cord and the tool has its own attached power source from a battery. From light maintenance to major DIY tasks, this one is a great choice for anyone doing home improvement. In other words, if you are a homeowner and need a reliable power screwdriver for the house, this one will be worth the money!  If you are still using a manual screwdriver to complete your DIY projects, it is time to upgrade to a mini power cordless screwdriver.


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