Why is it necessary to have a cordless electric screwdriver as a maintenance personnel

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    One of the most commonly used tools in people’s everyday life is screwdriver. It might be a bunch of manual screwdrivers, or any electric screwdriver. To have a Professional Electronics Repair Tool Kit would come in handy to carry out any repair works.

    As a maintenance personnel who works on any sophisticated electronics in a repair shop or individually owned stores, he has to be required to perform many tasks, such as the broken screen of a mobile or parts of the gadget needs to be replaced, a new Li-ion battery needs to be installed (iPhone/ipad/Tablet/Samsung/Huawei/Xiaomi, personal computer, MACBook air, MACBook pro, Smart watch, eyeglasses and game consoles and controllers (Xbox 360 controller, Nintendo 3ds) or fix a digital camera. So what can you do first is that you need to open it with a suitable screwdriver.  Just imagine, how many screws you may end up losing while carrying on your job, and once your work is done, you have to tighten the screws manually, which do it like this can be time consuming and tiring as a manual screwdriver,  and this directly leads to low efficiency.At this time, Electric screwdriver will come in handy.

    IFU electric screwdriver is the world's smallest precise screwdriver featuring USB charging that can make your work much easier! 24 in 1 bits making this a truly multi-functional tool.

    The perfect tool to sit neatly on your desk. Worth you have.




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