Electric Screwdriver Buying Guide

electric screwdriver

Believe it or not, an electric screwdriver is a key piece of kit for your toolbox. It allows you to screw or unscrew without much effort. Nowadays, most of the large gun-type electric screwdrivers on the market can only perform some large tasks, such as assembling furniture or laying decks. But obviously you cannot use them to deal with small tasks, such as the disassembly of precision instruments.

Let us take you through your options and help you pick the right electric screwdriver for you.

Before you begin, please consider, what will you be using your electric screwdriver for? In order to use it safely and correctly, you need to know about what material the screw will be driven into. Driving into different materials requires different amounts of power – so think about this before you buy.

Secondly, how long will you be using the screwdriver for? If you’re going to be using it for long periods of time, look for ones that are as comfortable and lightweight as possible.

After figuring out the type of electric screwdriver you need, the next step is to compare all aspects of performance.


Is measured in newton meter (Nm).

The tool’s power is measured in torque, which defines how much rotational force is applied.

No load speed

Measured in revolutions per minute (RPM).

This measures the speed at which the tool’s bit rotates. No load speed works with torque to define the performance or ability of the tool. The greater the torque and faster the speed, the easier it will be to drive a screw into a harder material. In fact, if you are repairing precision instruments, you don't need to have too high requirements on this.

Spindle lock

This clever safety feature locks the chuck and bit when you take your finger off the trigger, allowing you to prevent the mechanism from moving.

Handle design

As with any power tool, it’s important to find one that’s comfortable for you to work with. Look for options with comfort features such as ergonomic design and soft-grip handles.

Micro USB chargers

Make charging your screwdriver even more convenient with a micro USB charging system – available on some small electric screwdrivers.

LED lighting

Illuminate your working area by choosing a power screwdriver with built-in LED light – great for work in the dark.

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