Popular Flashlight Buying Guide

Before you buy,you may ask for a recommendation from online flashlight community,what should I finally buy?

We've complied a list of questions for you to ask yourself,before asking the community for their opinions. It's not required,but it gives us a fairly good understanding of what you're looking for in a light. More information the better. Please remember,in general the more "features" equal the more expensive the light will be.

Purpose-What will the light's main(and secondary)use be?

Size-Does it need to be under a certain size or are you flexible?

Battery Type&Quantity-This will play a crucial part on the size and weight of your flashlight. You may also want to mention if you want 'non standard' battery types like CR123a's. The most common battery types are AAA,AA,18650,and CR123a.

Price Range-How much are you willing to pay? Is this price limit only on the light itself or does it include necessary batteries and chargers as well.

Type-Do you want a handheld flashlight?Headlamp?Lantern?

Lumens-A general indication of the brightness you would like from your flashlight. Remember the higher the lumens,the more batteries you'll require for a long runtime.

Switch Type-Sometimes important to users,other times not. Side switch,tail switch(on the end of the torch)(forward or reverse),or twisty(turn the head or tail of the light). For the tactical user pressure swiches are available for gun mounted lights.

Anything Else?

If you want a multi functional flashlight,OUDE 8 in 1 Multi Function USB Rechargeable Solar Powered Flashlight will satisfy you.

This tactical flashlight that combines all kinds of functions and can solve all kind of trouble. It is also a life hammer,a seatbelt cutter,an alarm,and even a power bank. No matter indoor or outdoor,it will become your powerful assisted living tool.

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