Multi-function emergency escape tool flashlight

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    The Ultimate Roadside Auto Emergency Tool, it will most likely become the best and most useful tool you've ever owned. Your flashlight collection is not complete without this.

    Not only an escape tool. You can even use it to start a wonderful adventure, whether camping or hiking. It’s beyond your imagination.

8 in 1 multifunctional emergency escape tool


LEDFlashing Modes and 7 Working Modes

1.Headlight:3W Cree LED. 200 Lumens. (3~6 hours Lighting time)

Lighting Distance: 200 meters    3 Flashing Modes: High, Medium and Flashing.

2.Red Sidelights: Wavelength 620-625 (5* red 2835 SMD LED)

White Sidelights 2W, (10 * 0.2W white 2835 SMD LED)

3.Blue Sidelights: Wavelength 620-625 (5*blue 2835 SMD LED)

Side White Lamp: High and Medium. (3~7 hours Lighting Time)

Long press 3s to change working LED Side Red/Blue Light flashing.


Material: Aluminum

Dimensions: L* Head (dia ) Body (dia) 6.3 *1.44 *0.9 inch (210mm*48mm*30mm)

Weight: 0.71 lbs. / 320 g


Built-in battery Type: 18650 Li-ion, 3.7V, 2000mAh

Protection: Charging protection, low-capacity protection


USB Output:5V 1A

Micro USB Input: 5V 1A


Cell: Monocrystalline

Rating: 5V, 50mA

Multi-function emergency escape tool flashlight first aid survival

Key Features:

1.Multi-functional Survival Gadget, With the seat belt cutter, it will be helpful to cut the jammed seat belt easily。Glass window breaker hammer made of high hardness alloy, break the stuck window and bring safe escape in emergencies.

2.This portable flashlight comes with a strong magnetic block, which is easily be put in car cover when you fix the car in dark situation, making sure you’re prepared for any situation.

3.Rechargeable Emergency Power Bank:

This solar flashlight has a built-in 2000mAh 18650 battery, be charged with included USB Cable or With a solar panel stored power.

Using the USB cable to connect your phone with the flashlight and charge your phone and other digital products for emergency.

4.Reliable & Necessary: Anodized aluminum alloy body, easy to grip, Not only a must have auto emergencies too in your kit box, but also good for night-walking, camping, hiking, hunting and family activities.


7 Working Modes

1.Head light 3 modes: High, Medium, flashing. Long press 3s to switch to side lights.

2.White sidelights: High, Medium. Long press 3s to red/blue side lights.

3.SOS mode, press the red button at the end of flashlight body.

Charge Instruction:

1.The light will blink green until the battery is fully charged, then it will glow solid green to indicate it is ready to use.

2.Blue light on when power bank charge for phone or other digital products. Blue light off, it means low battery capacity of flashlight. At this time, the flashlight is under protection mode, which can be used for more than half an hour, but sidelights brightness is 30% lower than normal. Please charge it in time.


1.Do not directly the light to eyes in case of injury to eyes.

2.Do not disassemble the head light frequently to avoid damage to the LED bulb.

3.Clean the flashlight with soft fabric after use.

4.When the product is invaded by corrosive liquids, clean it timely and dry it.

5.Direct sunlight and high temperatures should be avoided.

6.There is a danger of explosion if the battery is not used correctly. The battery contains lithium and needs to be used and disposal properly.

7.Do not discard or soak in water, do not heat up to more than 100C°.

8.Do not open or repair if you are not professional in it.


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