Safety hammer buying guide

Posted by JackyXia on


Car safety hammer, also known as multi-functional safety hammer, mainly refers to the tool used in the car to break glass window to escape quickly in case of an emergency or disaster. Nowadays, there are many kinds of car safety hammer on the market. The hammer body can be made of plastic, wood, or stainless steel. So, which car safety hammer works best?

First, when choosing a safety hammer, it is best to choose a long handle and relatively sharp hammer head. Such a safety hammer is easy for the operator to use, which is very critical when the vehicle is on fire or the vehicle drops into water. Don't make fun of life. When the car door cannot be opened, it is the most important to quickly smash the car window to escape.

Second, there are many safety hammers on the market now, but some of them are only produced by unknown small companies, and the quality can't be guaranteed. Please purchase from regular channels.

Third, when selecting safety hammers, women and children should be considered first, which means that the safety hammer should be easy enough to use for whole family.

Life is very fragile, and every second counts. So car owners should usually prepare commonly used escape tools in the car in case of emergency.