11 kinds of horrible consequences that nail biters don't know

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Stop biting your nails from now on!

Professional nail clipper set is needed.

1. All kinds of dirty germs are hidden under your nails.

Nails are a base camp for hiding dirt. There will be not only bacteria but also mold in it. A sort of bacteria that is particularly common under the nail is called Staphylococcus Aureus, which can cause a variety of skin infections.

2. It will become a more terrible bacterial paradise when you bite your fingernails.

In 2007, Turkish scientists conducted experiments with 59 people on the actual effects of nail biting on the spread of bacteria. They check everyone's saliva for bacteria like Escherichia coli that cause diarrhea or vomiting. As a result, 76% of people who would bite their nails tested positive. Only 26.5% of those who did not bite their nails tested positive. So if you don't want to spend most of your lifetime with diarrhea, you need to take your fingers out of your mouth immediately!

3. If you bite your nails, you are probably already causing tooth damage.

Who knows how a light bite can have such a big effect on strong teeth? In some serious cases, biting nails caused tooth loss, and even dislocation.

4. You will be more likely to grind your teeth into powder in the middle of the night.

Nail biting is a tense reflex. So if you bite your nails, you are likely to grind your teeth. As Dr. Adam Roberts said: "People who bite their nails are usually stressed. So there are often other factors that affect teeth like grinding." If your teeth are already in bad condition, continue to bite your nails may cause teeth broke.

5. People with braces who bite their nails put their mouths at great risk.

Dr. Ansa Akram said that biting nails would make the braces rupture and may cause the roots of orthodontic teeth to be absorbed.

6. Nail biting can damage your gums.

Nail biting can cause a lot of unexpected damage to your gums. Dr. Carlene B. krejci said, he met a young boy with a habit of biting nails who had swollen gums. After check, it was found that six pieces of fingernails were stuck in the gum under his teeth.

7. It also causes bad breath.

People who bite their nails tend to have bad breath. If you stick your fingers in your mouth all the time, you will bring in a bunch of disgusting bacteria.

8. Your nails may fester.

People who bite their nails also usually strip the skin around their nails. That can lead to acute paronychia caused by Staphylococcus aureus. Initially, the nails will be red, swollen and tingling, and then they will begin to fester. It can be treated with medicine, but sometimes surgery is needed to pierce the pustule.

9. Biting your nails may also make you infected with sexually transmitted diseases. Not kidding.

This bad habit can give you herpes. Although the probability is not high, there are cases where the virus is transmitted from the fingers to the mouth due to nail biting.

10. Nail polish is poison at all. Never chew!

Many nail polishes have ingredients in formaldehyde solutions. This compound is used to prevent decay of the body. Professor David Katz examined the bottom of the nails of different students. Those with nail polish had the least bacteria under their nails. So nail polish can help reduce the bacteria under your nails, but you should not bite it.

11. Finally, those nails may not grow back "forever".

Long-term nail biting can cause damage to the nail bed and cause the nail length to gradually decrease. If the nail bed is damaged to a certain extent, no new nails can be grown.