Evaluation of the IFU electric screwdriver kit MR1

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     Disassembly is a key verb for DIY enthusiasts. For me, the general keyboard and mouse may lose some meaning if they don't be disassembled. Maybe “tossing” is the end result for us in a sense. I use manual tools mostly by myself. It must be admitted that a good set of tools can really make you more comfortable in the process of using, which is also the voice of many people.

     The IFU MR1 introduced today is a miniature electric screwdriver kit. Compared with the traditional manual screwdriver tool kit, the main advantage of electric screwdriver is labor-saving, followed by stability and safety, which refers to the process of assembly or disassembly for us to tighten or loosen the screw. This electric screwdriver is a little smaller than a marker pen, which is completely different from most of electric screwdrivers that require one-handed grip. Mini-type electric screwdriver is more convenient for disassembling products with more precise structure such as mobile phones and mice.

     At present, there are few products in this kind of mini electric screwdriver group market. It can be said that IFU electric screwdriver is the most representative product series. Black tone packaging is simple but not rough.

    The main screwdriver body adopts pen style holding structure, which is 18% thinner than whiteboard pen for easy to grip. The middle part of the tool has a laser IFU logo. Two black switch buttons makes it easy to operate. 3 LED lights make it possible to work in the dark area.18 pcs of bits are placed in a round tower shape. Each bits head adopts the international standard 4mm general interface so that multi-types of batches are totally adequate for various occasions which you can come up with. The magnetic plate plays a huge role when we disassemble screws of different specifications. Metal elements such as screws can be adsorbed on it without losing them. The storage box can be placed with the screwdriver body and some of the most commonly used bits for easy carrying. You can even use it outdoors if necessary. The kit also includes tweezers, crowbars, suction cups and other precision tools, which makes you more professional.

      The design of the multifunctional circular base gives IFU electric screwdriver an appropriate place to locate. Open the lid of the base and you will see 6 common bits and one device for magnetizing or degaussing. If you have a very high usage rate for IFU electric screwdriver, then the practicality of this base will far beyond your imagination.

     IFU electric screwdriver is a tool for disassembling products with high precision. For example, some M3 self-tapping screw of mouse may need manual power when it starts to twist, while others, such as M2 inner hexagonal screw or cross flat head screw, can completely use electric power relatively. 0.2N.m. of torque maybe a little weak for some efficiency veterans, but it's more than enough for most people.


     This electric screwdriver is suitable for adjusting the screw tightness of mobile phones, mice and relatively precise equipment of the same level. For tighter screw, it can be twisted by manual force. The overall rotation speed is moderate, suitable for beginners or whom do not master screw tightening.

     If you are interested in this screwdriver, please contact us or you can visit the below as the Amazon shows.


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