How to choose cordless electric screwdriver (Buying Guide)

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  electric screwdriver

    Nowadays, screwdriver has become one of the most commonly used tools. It makes our life easy and saves plenty of time and energy. But when you plan to buy one for yourself, it is really difficult to choose the right one among various models. Now let me tell you how to choose, you can take the following features into consideration.

   Portability—Cordless screwdriver is popular than the corded one because its portability. It runs on battery and is wire-free. You should choose the lightweight one in order to carry them with you anywhere easily.

   Flexibility—Sometimes your working area is very narrow and limited. Thus, a suitable cordless screwdriver should be of great flexibility. It can be easily carried from one place to another making it free from limited area access.

   Safety—Cordless screwdriver can prevent us from electric shock.  So what the screwdriver needs is not only good in style but also safe.

   Voltage—Different cordless screwdriver works at different voltages. You should choose the right one to meet your requirements. Meanwhile, you should also consider about torque-spinning strength, RPM and power at which the cordless screwdriver works.

   Battery—Cordless screwdriver works based on battery as mentioned above, so we pay more attention to the battery life. Charging time and standby time of the screwdriver are also important.

Here we recommend IFU electric precision screwdriver to you.

electric screwdriver

   This screwdriver adopts pen style holding structure, which is comfortable in use. Dimension: 15.6*167mm, 18% smaller than a normal marker pen, only around 55g. No exposed output shaft design makes you safe to use.

   3 pcs LED lights included, which can illuminate all corners around the working area. You can see clearly even if there is no light in the working area.

    You can switch between electric mode and manual mode as needed. The electric torque can up to 0.2N. m and the manual torque can up to 3 N.m. When the screw is too tight, continue manual rotation in electric mode, self-locking can protect the screw.

    The tool is power by the rechargeable lithium battery and is charged like a cellphone. It can remove around 800 precision screws after full-charged. Full standby time can be more than 180 days.

    In conclusion, IFU electric precision screwdriver is worth you have.


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