Anti-fog Protective Goggles, Adjustable Safety Glasses Protect Eyes from Dust, Chemical and Harmful Ray

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1.The product consists of three parts: frame, lens and elastic band, which are designed to prevent physical impact on eyes and splashing of body fluid and blood.

2.The nose pad can lighten the burden on the bridge of the nose, and it is comfortable to wear but not easy to slide down. The humanized elastic design can fit all kinds of face shapes.You can wear vision correction glasses at the same time.

3.The material is soft and comfortable, light and free of pressure.You won't feel tired after wearing for a long time.

4.Strong impact resistance, which can prevent eye injury caused by splashing of iron chips, flying sand, crushed stone, etc.

5.The lens is made of PC material, with anti fog coating on the surface, which can effectively prevent the formation of water mist.


The method used is as follows:

1.Before using this product,please remove the protective film on the inside and outside of the lens.

2.The elastic band can be adjusted according to the size of the individual's head.

3.Place the goggles frame in the bridge of the nose and place the frame around the face.


Matters needing attention:

1.Do not use excessive force when wearing the elastic band to prevent from loosening.

2.It is recommended not to use it multiple times.

3.The product should be stored in a cool and dry place.