IFU 23 in 1 upgrade Lithium Precision Screwdriver With LED Light And Magnetic Mat, Electric Screwdriver Rechargeable Repair Tool kits For Most Electronics Devices

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  • Brand new IFU professional tool kit MR1, newly added 10+ precision tools: including tweezers, crowbars, magnetic plates, magnetizer devices, suction cups, etc.
  • 23 bits head in total, adopt international standard 4mm general interface, which can match more than 80% of the precision screw head.
  • Previous product retained advantages: pen style holding structure, 360 degrees shadowless LED lights technology, USB port charging method, automatic and manual mixed operation design.
  • This portable desktop tool adopts lithium battery with high energy density. It takes less than one hour to fill up the electricity. After fully charged, it can remove around 800 precision screws. Full standby time can be more than 180 days.
  • You can switch between electric mode and manual mode as needed. The electric torque can up to 0.2N. m and the manual torque can up to 3 N.m. The no-load output rotating speed can up to 200r/min.


With the development of science and technology, our working methods are becoming more and more automated and intelligent. This electric screwdriver is suitable for the maintenance of laptops, watches, digital cameras, mobile phones and other precision instruments. Not only can you finish your work safely and efficiently, but you can also experience different fun. New added 10+ maintenance tools allow you to enjoy professional DIY lifetime.


1.The screwdriver adopts pen style holding structure, which is comfortable in use. Cylindrical body and frosted appearance is also attractive.

2.The storage box can accommodate various precision accessories. There are six independent bits head storage spaces available inside the round bottom base.

3. The front and back independent buttons are easy to identify. And with its soft button touch feel and smooth control, you will not feel tired after long use.

4.Fast charging: less than one hour to fill up the electricity, red light when charging, turn blue when fully charged.

5. 3 pcs LED lights included, which can illuminate all corners around the working area. You can see clearly even if there is no light in the working area.


1.Please read instruction carefully before using the product and keep it properly.

2. For the first use, please fully charge the product.

3.If the product is not used for a long time (more than 2 weeks), please charge it.

4. If the switch fails to start working, charge the product or try to start the device in the charging state.

5.Do not put the product in an environment that is too high or too low(above 45 degrees or below 0 degrees)